Safety And Emergency Equipment For Recreational Boats

Having proper safety arrangement in a recreational boat is necessary according to the law. The boat owner should be very careful in ensuring adequate safety equipments for the boat, violating which he/she can be taken under lawsuit. The safety kit or equipments in a boat can be classified in two categories:

• Compulsory or mandatory safety equipments

• General safety arrangements.

The safety norms/ standards in a boat is done based on its type (personal/ recreational), size and the area in which it operates. Here is a list of safety and emergency devices used in a boat:

The EPIRB or emergency locator

If you operate your boat for tourists to carry them to deep sea then keeping the emergency locator is extremely necessary. You can buy it from EPIRB for sale at quite cheap price.

The EPIRB for sale will help you to ensure better safety by tracking your location during emergency situations. To inform the rescue team about your location the transmission should be activated. The signal directly goes to the control room via satellite, which eventually simplifies to track you down and rescue you.

The fire extinguisher

The fire controlling unit, i.e. fire extinguisher is extremely mandatory for a boat. The extinguisher helps in reducing the risk of fire break out in the middle of the sea. The fire extinguisher comes under the mandatory safety arrangements for your boat.Personal floating arrangements:

• Life jacket

This is a very useful piece of safety equipment that each and every boat should have. The jacket has been designed to keep you floating on the water during any unwanted situation. However, it will be good if you make sure to wear it during the voyage. The jackets should not be much old and the crew in the boat should have the knowledge how to use it. They should also guide the passengers how to wear it. Needless to say, there are 5 different types of life jacket for various water conditions.

• Life rafts

It is mandatory for all the commercial boats to carry life rafts. The rafts, also known as common survival crafts are inflated and thrown in the water during disaster. The passengers can float with the help of these rafts, till the rescue team approached.

Flare and distress signals

At times, the satellite connection might get tampered while you are in the middle of the sea. So, keeping distress signals and flare in your boat is a part of safety program.

Smoke signal, fire alarm, ventilations, whistle, bell, etc. are few other general safety equipments that a boat should keep to tackle situations during accidents, crash or any technical failure.